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Micro Meat macro carriers are one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce cultivated meat. With macro carriers, producers can generate any type of meat or fat, using animal-free, sustainable and plant-based ingredients, making it easier to finally produce meat that is healthy, nutritious, and never needs to use antibiotics or hormones.

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Macro carriers improve the yield among any reactor type, from compact units used in the lab, to massive reactors used on a production scale. Inside each macro carrier, cells enjoy an ideal biological environment, that is independent of scale, ensuring an ideal production no matter the size of your business. With macro carriers, growing cells at 3x to 4x higher densities is possible, which in turn allows producers to make more while keeping production costs to a minimum.


Our patent pending macro carriers are made up of 3D, biocompatible, and biodegradable materials that are designed to support the growth of cells and tissues. They work with for both proliferation and differentiation, and eliminate any need for micro carriers. In addition to providing an exponentially increasing surface area for adherent cell culture surfaces, cells are also shielded from the harsh shear forces inside a reactor environment, increasing cell viability while drastically reducing waste and costs.


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